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Financing Your Home Business

In thinking about your temporary dilemma, following are some probable solutions.

It's easier to get financing today than ever before. Many banks will compete for your business and they want to extend a loan to you. Yes, you can get your business financed. We can show you how to let OPM [other people's money] pay your way into your business! I suggest you ask for $2000-$2500 so you can cover your start up costs, purchase your product and have an adequate amount left over to open your advertising budget, which will launch your business..

Following is a list of lenders...

The worst thing that can happen is they can say no. One thing for sure, if you don't put in the application, they can’t say yes! Also, I suggest you call each lender and tell them you are shopping around and speaking to several lenders. Tell them you are going to work with the lender who gives you the best terms.

Guaranteed Personal Loans - Any credit historyWhen you're in a money crunch, YOU CAN BREAK FREE from what is holdingyou back. Being in a money crunch is not fun, it's not permanent and I have good news!

We can show you exactly how you can get out of the money crunch you are in right now and how you can change your life forever.

You've taken the time to go through the web site, so we know you're serious about changing your life.

You ARE serious about a change or you wouldn't be reading this web site right now.

So how do you get started when you're too broke to start up? We want you to think about your resources as you read this next part. Here are FOUR different strategies you may not have thought about.

First, think about who you know that you can sell the product to. Make a list of your "warm" market. These are people who know you or know of you and they are always looking for cash flow. No matter where you live, or have lived, include these people on the list and contact them by mail or email.

You can also list who among your friends and acquaintances might be willing to loan you part or all of the money to get you started. Can you think of a friend, co-worker, neighbor, or family member who would help you get your business started? Go to people who believe in YOU! They are out there and you know who they are. Asking someone to "help you get your own business started" is a lot different than asking for a loan to buy a new TV, etc.

Second The next resource would be a credit card. Are you able to borrow from yourself and put the startup cost on one or more credit cards just long enough to get you started?

Third You may need to think about a private lender. Today more than ever, banks are competing for business. They want to write loans if at all possible because they make money by charging you a small interest fee.

Fourth Ok, let's say you don't know anyone who will lend you the money, you either don't have credit cards or they're maxed out, and you've got some credit blemishes that prevent you from getting a loan. IF you can put together a plan and stick to it. This last option may very well be the one for you.

Many times folks have some hidden assets they don't think about. In fact, we have to be reminded that we own "stuff" that we are not using, looking at, or benefitting from on a daily basis. These assets are generally found in your attic, basement, garage, storeroom, closet and at the back or bottom of drawers in your desk, dresser, and even in the kitchen.

You can collect these items and put them into a "MY FUTURE CASH FLOW" garage sale. You might be very suprised at the results. Let me share a true story with you. It is a great success story. Chuck was a real cowboy in Idaho with a couple of kids and trying to make ends meet while working short term at first one ranch and then moving on to another ranch. Chuck wanted to change his life and came across an opportunity similiar to ours and needed about $2,000 to get underway. He was as excited as you are about changing your life so he looked around to see how he could raise the start up funds. He sold the camper top off his pickup, two rifles, and even his nearly new 27 inch television set. Within two months, Chuck had earned over $20,000 and was able to buy a new camper, three new rifles, and presented his family with a new 40 inch TV with surround sound.

You see, what Chuck did was cash in his "PRESENT" so he could invest in his "FUTURE CASH FLOW."

You can do the same. It just depends upon how strong your desire is. What you do about your situation will answer some big questions about you to yourself; i.e., how you're thinking currently and it will serve as a test on how strong your desire for a change in your bottom line really is.

There, did that help you?

We hope so! Get back with the person that invited you here and do WHATEVER it TAKES to GET STARTED with us! Can you afford $.60 a day to earn $10k, $20k, $50k a month? That's the question. What's your answer?

P.S. There are great Tax advantages in owning and operating your own business. Almost everything that you purchase for your business is a Tax deduction. In most cases the savings on your Taxes alone will pay for your startup costs. Invest in YOUR FUTURE! Ready, Set, Go, Go, Go!

DISCLAIMER: As with any business, we cannot guarantee your success. Any income statements or advice given at this site is not intended to promise or guarantee your results. Your results are your responsibility - you may achieve greater or less success than any stories or testimonies we have shared. We do not suggest you take our advice - but test what we've said -keep what you can use leave the rest.


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